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Bath 2009 - Thunderstorm / Andy Ramsden
September 22, 2011 04:02 AM PDT

Bath 2009 - Audio Transformation Workshop
September 22, 2011 04:01 AM PDT

Leicester 2009 - Infrastructure debate part 2
May 29, 2010 07:07 AM PDT

Continuation of previous podcast

Leicester event - February 2009 - Infrastructure session 1
May 29, 2010 07:05 AM PDT

Run by Andrew Middleton, discussion the infrastructure issues around podcasting in an institution

Leicester 2009 event - Debate
May 29, 2010 06:50 AM PDT

Run by Andrew Middleton, debating the motion that 'Digital Audio's potential to Further and Higher Education is as a ubiquitous and flexible medium that can be adapted by any academic to enrich the learner experience. This was held after a discussion on the VLE in 5 years time....

Learning about Audacity sessions
March 04, 2009 08:21 AM PST
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If you come to a PPP SIG event there is usually an opportunity to see what's involved in recording and editing digital audio. These sessions are frequently led by Alan Carr. Alan was joined by Graham McElearny at ALT-C when the PPP SIG ran its drop-in Barcamp session. Here they briefly reflect on how the session went.

Wanted! Your story!
March 04, 2009 08:14 AM PST
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You are invited to share your experience of educational podcasting, whatever your role. Send in an audio file of about 5 minutes duration explaining how you have used podcasting or digital media at your institution. Here are some questions you might answer: What was your role? Who else was involved? Why did you decide to use digital media in particular? What were your concerns and were they founded? How did you overcome difficulties? What did the students think? What did academic staff think? How have you improved upon what you did originally? What tip would you share with others? How could the SIG work together to develop podcasting and make your experience of using digital media even better?

Managing materials and systems discussion
March 04, 2009 07:15 AM PST
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This discussion comes from the PPP SIG Barcamp session held at ALT-C in September 2008. It begins with Gayle Calverley who talks about the time-based media application profile study she is running as a JISC project. A discussion on systems for managing podcast material in the sector follows. Some of the voices heard include Paul Bacsich (HEA Critical Friend to the SIG), Sian Edwardson (University of Bangor), Robin Johnson (The Manchester Met University Business School), Carol Comer (University Chester), Andrew Middleton (Sheffield Hallam University) and Graham McElearny (University of Sheffield)

Simon Lightfoot, academic experience from the University of Leeds
March 04, 2009 06:29 AM PST
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Simon Lightfoot discussed his experience at the ALT-C barcamp session organised by the PPP SIG in September 2008. This session invited people attending the ALT conference to drop by and share and listen to experience in the sector. He gives an academic's view of implementing 'podules' - small recodings in comparison to lecture length podcasts. He raises several questions, e.g. should you make students record seminar summaries? How do you access equipment - even when it's cheap?

Bob Rotheram of the Sounds Good JISC Emerge project
March 04, 2009 04:54 AM PST
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Bob addresseed people who turned up to the PPP SIG barcamp we ran at ALT-C in September 2008. He introduces the Sounds Good project (www.soundsgood.org.uk) which set out to answer the question" Can digital audio be used to give students quicker, better feedback on their work?"

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